State to Help City

Streets Need the Attention

Hogansville Mayor Bill Stankiewicz has announced the city should be receiving state funds to help repair rain and flood damage to streets.
Nearly three weeks after the historic torrential rains and flash flooding that took place the week of Christmas, Church Street near the Hogansville Senior Center remains closed having suffered a washout.
In addition to Church Street, damage or areas of erosion or concern have been found along Boyd, Boozer, College, Green, Holmes, and Poplar, along with a few other places.
Damage was not sufficient to have the area declared as a federal disaster area, which could have brought federal funds to the area, but state funds are being made available to areas hit hard by the rains and flooding through the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant, or LMIG, program.

Although it is unofficial, Stankiewicz said the city could be receiving $260,000 from the program to make repairs. Application for the funds was been submitted by City Manager James Woods, and city officials are waiting for formal approval.
The LMIG program does require a 10 percent match from the city and Stankiewicz said funds for the match could come from the city’s portion of SPLOST, or Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, revenue.
Other areas that suffered damage to streets and roads during the same weather event are also seeking to tap into funds from the LMIG program.

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